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Out of the Box Bookkeeping and Accounting

Your QuickBooks & Xero Accounting Team

About Us

Why You Need Us

When you have a business, you have income and expenses. Periodically you need to know where you stand financially. Is QuickBooks or Xero telling you the information you need?


Many entrepreneurs shudder at the mere thought of looking at their QuickBooks or Xero reports. Few really understand the accounting side of their businesses, much like few of us really understand how our bodies work. To stay healthy you regularly see a doctor — and to keep your QuickBooks or Xero healthy come see us. We’re your go-to bookkeeping and accounting team.


Our mission is to free the entrepreneur from painful experiences with their accounting.


We are not a replacement for your CPA. We don’t do tax returns. On the contrary, CPAs love us. We make their job much easier. We are a type of intermediary between your CPA and you. We clean up your books so that your CPA can prepare your tax return easily, and we even take care of those pesky “adjusting journal entries” that your CPA may have given you. 

Why Us?

With over 15 years of business experience, Out of the Box Bookkeeping and Accounting created a critical time-conscious bookkeeping and accounting resource together with a team of professionals for business owners who were finding themselves starved of time.


Our experience and progressive system using best of breed technology allow us to securely provide bookkeeping and accounting services anywhere you are.  Out of the box Bookkeeping and Accounting is not a technology company - we are real people partnering with your small business.  The more services we do for you, the better we know you, the better we can serve you

As soon as you sign up as a client of Out of the Box, you'll have access to a committed team that will take care of your company's interests as if they were their own. In order for you to comprehend your financial situation and concentrate on what is most important—growing your business and making the right financial decisions—we can offer the financial tools and data you require.


There are never any unexpected costs because costs are reasonable and always agreed upon in advance. Because we are dedicated to making every client happy, current customers are where we get the majority of our new business.

Our Services

We only support clients that use QuickBooks and Xero. We provide the following services a la carte.

  • For a new company we help create a chart of accounts

  • We bring in prior-year balances, clients, vendors, payroll and anything else needed to properly set up your QuickBooks.

  • We customize the icon bar for the QuickBooks desktop  version.

  • We will need:

    • Prior-year tax returns;

    • Bank statements;

    • Credit card statements;

    • Actual invoices due;

    • Actual bills to be paid


  • We will do:

    • Bank reconciliations

    • Clearing up open invoices;

    • Clearing up unpaid bills;

    • Resolving undeposited funds;

    • Making sure that all adjusting journal entries have been made

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual entries;

  • Keeping your books reconciled and groomed;

  • Downloading bank statements;

  • Making payroll entries;

  • Making sales platform entries such as Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, EBay, etc.

  • Provide insight on how to analyze earnings and key balance sheet areas;

  • Assess how the company accumulates earnings and breaks down cash sources.

  • Providing QuickBooks reports to you and your stakeholders such as your bank, your accountant and your board

  • Before sending your books to your accountant who will prepare your tax return, we will inspect them, diagnose problems and assist with corrections.

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